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​Cold shrink medium voltage cable terminations

Cold Shrink cable terminations for single core, 15 kV to 35 kV XLPE and EPR longitudinally corrugated shielded underground distribution cables for the Electrical Utility market.

Features and Benefits

  • All-in-one integrated body incorporating stress control and sealant mastics
  • Patent pending stress control system based on microvaristor (ZnO) technology that delivers exceptional discharge and impulse performance
  • Quick and easy installation. Offering fewest number of steps to install
  • Improved spiral rip core assembly uses smooth edges for simpler installation with less effort. Heat tacked spiral core prevents unravelling during shipping and handling
  • xcellent UV Resistance and hydrophobic characteristics
  • Silicone rubber body provides excellent track and erosion resistance
  • 2 hole lug and stem Connectors rated to 35kV available for packaging in kits


  • Tested to latest requirements of IEEE-48-2009, Class 1 standards

Test Reports

  • TITAN Z, 5-28kV Outdoor Series: Report# K-423192-RC-0000-R00
  • TITAN Z, 5-28kV Indoor Series: Report# K-423388-RC-0000-R00
  • TITAN Z, 35kV Series: HVS 040416


  • As an option, 2 hole lug and stem connectors can also be supplied. Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on types and sizes of connectors required

  • Select the termination kit for the size of bare or jacketed concentric neutral cable to be terminated
  • Confirm the minimum and maximum cable dimensions are not exceeded. When at the high end of the conductor range, it might be necessary to select the next larger kit size. Size range dimensions are based on the cable dimensions in the AEIC CS8- 07 (3rd edition) standards
  • For terminations exposed to direct precipitation, select the outdoor termination that includes the suffix "E" in the part number.

E.g. TITAN Z 151LCE. To include a cable prep kit, add the suffix "P" to the end of the part number

Product Properties

Order Number Conductor Size Range (AWG and KCMIL) Insulation Diameter (min - max) Jacket Diameter (max) Standard Package
Indoor Outdoor Min Max IN MM IN MM Kits/Box
15kV 100% and 133%
TITAN Z 151LC TITAN Z 151LCE #2 #1 0.57-0.90 14.5-23 1.10 28 1
TITAN Z 152LC TITAN Z 152LCE 1/0 250 0.71-1.26 18-32 1.50 38 1
TITAN Z 153LC TITAN Z 153LCE 4/0 500 0.83-1.34 21-34 1.65 42 1
TITAN Z 154LC TITAN Z 154LCE 350 750 1.04-1.54 26.5-39 1.97 50 1
TITAN Z 155LC TITAN Z 155LCE 750 2000 1.34-2.19 34-55.5 2.67 68 1
25kV/28kV 100% and 133%
TITAN Z 252LC TITAN Z 252LCE #1 2/0 0.71-1.26 18-32 1.50 38 1
TITAN Z 253LC TITAN Z 253LCE 1/0 250 0.83-1.34 21-34 1.65 42 1
TITAN Z 254LC TITAN Z 254LCE 250 500 1.04-1.54 26.5-39 1.97 50 1
TITAN Z 255LC TITAN Z 255LCE 500 1500 1.34-2.19 34-55.5 2.67 68 1
35kV 100% and 133%  
TITAN Z 354LC TITAN Z 354LCE 1/0 350 1.04-1.63 26.5-41.6 1.97 50 1
TITAN Z 355LC TITAN Z 355LCE 350 1500 1.34-2.32 34-59.1 2.67 68 1

Markets / Applications

  • Generation - Traditional Power
  • Power Distribution
  • Power Distribution - MV
  • Utility


Version: 01 2018/JAN/02
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