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Supplying ShawFlex Environmental Qualified (EQ) cables to some of the largest nuclear plants in the world.

Shawcor is a world-class supplier of ShawFlex electrical wire and cable, with over 30 years of experience designing complex cable configurations to meet the demanding requirements of nuclear power applications. Our nuclear-grade products include custom composite cable, fuel-handling cables, thermocouple and EQ grade instrumentation, control and power cable. These cables have been installed in many nuclear power plants at both containment island and conventional buildings.

One key customer developed a robot to venture inside the core tubes of a nuclear reactor, electronically survey each pressure tube assembly and make key repairs. The robot needed an umbilical to safely and reliably supply electrical and hydraulic power, and also relay sensitive sensor data for analysis. Shawcor designed a sophisticated umbilical that met every one of these extreme requirements. Quality was ensured by inspecting and testing every inch of every component before it proceeded to the next operation. The tests we performed included visual, electrical and electronic, immersion in pressurized hot water, radiation exposure to 250 Mrad, and severe mechanical duty cycling.

Our 1E and newly updated N299.2 ratings and EQ grade cable are reasons why some of the largest nuclear plants in the world use ShawFlex in their facilities.

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Product Capabilities

Fuel-Handling Cables

  • System maintenance umbilical cables
  • Instrumentation and control cables
  • Low-voltage power cables

Key Design Features

  • Radiation resistance up to 250 Mrad
  • Thermal resistance up to 90°C operating conditions
  • Life expectancy qualified for up to 60 years
  • Halogen-free/low-acid gas emissions


  • IEEE 383 Type Testing of Class IE Electric Cables for NPGS
  • IEEE 323 Qualifying Class 1E Equipment for NPGS
  • IEEE 1202/FT4 Flame Propagation Testing of Cables
  • LOCA/MSLB Design Basis Event Testing
  • Condition Monitoring

Quality standards

  • QA program meets the requirements of N299.2
  • QA program is registered to ISO 9001
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