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Supplying ShawFlex wire and cable to some of the largest nuclear plants in the world

Shawcor is a world-class supplier of electrical wire and cable under the ShawFlex brand, with over 30 years of experience designing, configuring, qualifying and manufacturing complex cable configurations to meet the demanding requirements of nuclear power applications.

Product Capabilities

Our nuclear-grade products include custom composite cable, extra-flexible power cables, EQ grade cable, high-temperature high-radiation cables, thermocouple cable, and convectional instrumentation, control, and power cable. These products have been installed in many nuclear power plants in both the Reactor Building and the Balance of Plant (BOP).



The value Shawcor brings

Every ShawFlex Nuclear wire and cable comes with the strong backing of our engineering and project management resources, our proven qualification and testing, and our stringent quality assurance system.

Strong Engineering Capability

  • We offer customers much more than a catalog of products. Most of our nuclear cables are designed and developed in close cooperation with the end user. Our experts work with your engineers in direct response to your unique technical challenges. You get innovative solutions that are proven dependable, tested to the highest standards and precisely manufactured to your specifications.

High Product Quality

  • Quality is ensured with very thorough inspection and testing. Depending on your requirements, we perform visual and electrical testing, immersion in pressurized hot water, radiation exposure up to 250 Mrad and beyond, and severe mechanical duty cycling in addition to LOCA/DBA testing.
  • Some of our typical qualified test ratings include:
    • Radiation resistance up to 250 Mrad
    • Life expectancy qualified for up to 60 years
    • Thermal resistance up to 90°C operating conditions
    • Halogen-free/low-acid gas emissions
    • Cable meets FT4 and ST1 rating for flame retardant and low smoke generation.

Quality Assurance

  • Our QA program is registered to ISO 9001 and qualified to CSA N299.2.  We have been audited by and are on the approved supplier lists for some of the largest nuclear power plants in the world.

Project Management

  • Shawcor provides the project leadership and service responsiveness needed to deliver on tight project deadlines. Our experienced team is available to plan out your unique designs and configurations and any qualification testing needed, or simply to discuss how we can provide the shortest lead time for an existing product.

Key Design Standards

  • IEEE 383 Type Testing of Class IE Electric Cables for NPGS
  • IEEE 323 Qualifying Class 1E Equipment for NPGS
  • IEEE 1202/FT4 Flame Propagation Testing of Cables
  • LOCA/MSLB Design Basis Event Testing
  • Condition Monitoring

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