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​Developing solutions for oil and gas and renewable energy.


​Developing solutions for oil and gas and renewable energy.

The trends in global energy demand and generation are skewed toward growth in emerging markets and the growth in clean energy mandates. The investment trend is toward clean energy—natural gas, solar, wind, hydro and nuclear. Regardless of the application, Shawcor has product solutions that meet energy requirements.

New technologies, tight timelines and budgetary constraints are driving forces for these investments. Shawcor is helping our customers meet these challenges with our commitment to Engineer to Order, Run to Order and project management.

Oil and Gas

Our ShawFlex and DSG-Canusa products are used at each stage of the oil and gas supply chain. In the upstream segment, ShawFlex cables are used at the wellhead and on drilling rigs. Midstream, DSG-Canusa medium voltage products and adhesive-lined products are used in pumping stations and storage facilities. In the downstream segment, both ShawFlex and DSG-Canusa products are used extensively throughout refineries, gas plants and other facilities during upgrades and new construction.


Energy generation is shifting toward renewable or clean energy. Shawcor works closely with major developers, EPCs, contractors and supply chain providers to provide on-time supply of our high-quality products.

DSG-Canusa low voltage and medium voltage products are used for terminations and splices within solar, wind and geothermal facilities as well as at connection points to the grid.

ShawFlex instrumentation, control and power cables are used within power generation facilities as well as substations and transfer stations along transmission and distribution routes.


ShawFlex products have been used in Canadian nuclear facilities (CANDU) for over 30 years. Our products, including our recently upgraded EQ cable that meets IEEE383 and 323 Class 1E requirements for NPGS, are qualified for use in the containment areas. The core of our nuclear product offering is the specialized cables we have designed with our partners for fuel handling and specialized tools.

Several key differentiators enabled us to develop the capability to serve the nuclear industry:

  • Our materials expertise backed by Shawcor's corporate R&D team
  • Our commitment to quality, having recently upgraded to CSA Z299.2
  • Our commitment to out-service our competition with short runs, quick turnaround and willingness to tackle special projects
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DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog

DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog

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