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Industrial OEM

Partnering on specialized heat shrink solutions and wire and cable products for specialized equipment and applications.

Our heat shrink tubing and wire and cable products are used in a wide array of demanding applications on specialized equipment and devices within the industrial OEM market.
The number of industrial applications is endless as the use of electronics continues to evolve and spread as equipment becomes more advanced. We have grown our product line and position in this market through long-term, technological partnerships to develop specialized and proprietary solutions to emerging requirements.

Industries we serve include:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Mass Transportation
  • Commercial Electronics
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Marine

DSG-Canusa Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is suitable wherever wire and cable is used to:

  1. Insulate terminals, splices and bus bars
  2. Protect cables, connectors and sensors to provide mechanical, flammability and fluid protection
  3. Environmentally seal splices, terminals and connectors

Heat shrink tubing is a very versatile material that shrinks with the application of heat to conform to the size and shape of the object for efficient installation. Remember that installation and quality is greatly improved when DERAY® application equipment is used to control the shrink process.

Selecting the right heat shrink product is not always straightforward. Our heat shrink tubes are organized into categories for specific application features. There are often subtle differences between products for shrink ratios, wall thicknesses, flammability, operating temperatures, fluid resistance, zero halogen and other characteristics. Please contact us for support in selecting the best heat shrink tubing for your requirements. Our team of application experts can work with you to select and validate products. Contact us to arrange a meeting or have our experts review your designs and samples.

ShawFlex Wire and Cable

Requirements are constantly emerging for wire and cable as reliable communications and performance in harsh environments create new challenges. Shawcor has worked closely with OEMs in oil and gas, nuclear, transit, marine and other segments to deliver solutions for new equipment and challenges. What makes Shawcor's ShawFlex wire and cable offering stand out from the competition is our dedication to Engineer to Order and customer-focused service on quantities and lead times. This positions Shawcor as a strong partner for prototyping and rapid deployment of new technologies.

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DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog

DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog

To find out more about our extensive product range download the DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Catalog.

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Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog - for EMAR

Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog - for EMAR

Lear more about our broad range of products and download the catalog here!

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