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​CLES 390 Series

​Heat shrink medium voltage live end seals

The CLES 31590 and CLES 32590 series joints are heat shrink live end seals for three conductor 15 kV and 25 kV jacketed or unjacketed paper and lead, laminated dielectric cable (PILC or VCLC)

Features and Benefits

  • Fast, consistent installation means lower installed costs
  • No lead wiping required for positive oil stops
  • Installation environment: use of torch adds flexibility to cable preparation in any climate
  • Heat activated seals ensure maximum protection against moisture ingress
  • Reinforced wraparound sleeve with aluminum foil liner provides rugged protection and a moisture vapor barrier
  • Wide cable ranges reduce inventory
  • Pressure tested for continuous operation at 15 psig at 110°C
  • Slim profile allows installation in confined areas


  • IEEE 404-2000

Test reports

CLES 390 series joint qualification is based on the testing of the 15 kV trifurcating transition joints where the oil stop was proven, and the dielectric tests in the 15 kV and 25 kV single conductor joint tests respectively, as tested to IEEE 404-2000 at an independent laboratory.

Test reports are available as follows:

  • CJT 1580 series: HVS031104
  • CJ 1580 series: HVS031103
  • CJ 2580 series: HVS040423


  • Find the cables voltage class and conductor size(s) to be spliced. Select the kit order number that covers the conductor size range. Confirm the dimensional data; particularly when the conductor size is at the extremes of the range. The overlap in size ranges allows for size transitions when splicing different cable sizes. The determining factors for selection are that the minimum and maximum dimensions for the primary insulation and connector dimensions are met and that the jacket diameter(s) maximums are not exceeded.
  • For size transitions outside the listed range consult the factory.

Product Properties

15 - 25 kV, 3/C Paper-Lead Cable Live End Seals

  1. OSTC oil stop tube
  2. CCON conductive shielding tube
  3. CCB conductive breakout boot
  4. SCS stress control/oil block sealant
  5. CSCR stress control tube
  6. CFXB insulating tube(s)
  7. CCON conductive shielding tube
  8. Tinned copper mesh and braid
  9. CTSR environmental sealant
  10. CCAP end cap
Order Number Conductor Size Insulation Diameters 1/C PILC or Poly Range Installed Length (nom)
AWG/kcmil IN IN
15 kV PILC Live End Seal for 3/C PILC Cable Only (165 - 220 mils insulation)
CLES 31591 #4 - 4/0 0.55 - 1.05 27.0
CLES 31592 4/0 - 500 0.80 - 1.35 27.0
CLES 31593 500 - 1000 1.35 - 1.85 27.0
25 kV PILC Live End Seal for 3/C PILC Cable Only (260 - 320 mils insulation)
CLES 32591 #1 - 300 0.80 - 1.25 28.0
CLES 32592 350 - 500 1.00 - 1.45 31.0
CLES 32593 600 - 1000 1.50 - 1.70 32.0

Market / Applications

  • Power Distribution
  • Power Distribution - MV
  • Utility


Version: 01 2018/JAN/02
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