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​UF Splice Kit

​Underground feeder (UF) cable splice kits

UF Cable Splice Kits are used to provide a reliable yet simple method of connecting 600 V rated UF cables ranging from #14/2 with ground up to #8/3 with ground. Heavy wall, adhesive lined heat shrink tubing provides an effective, moisture proof seal that is suitable for submersible and direct burial splice applications

Features and Benefits

  • Outer tubing sleeve provides excellent abrasion resistance
  • Accommodates #14 to #8 AWG UF type cables
  • Heat activated seal ensures maximum protection against moisture ingress
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Rated for 600 V
  • UL 486D listed for direct burial applications

Typical Applications

  • Irrigation systems
  • Splicing of underground feeder cables

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove 2 in. of jacket from UF cable.
  2. Strip 5/8 in. of insulation from conductors.
  3. Clean cable surface and wipe dry.
  4. Insert wires into the brass connector making sure that the wires are inserted an equal length into the brass sleeve so that the set screw can engage into the copper of each wire.
  5. Slide the enclosed heat shrink tubing over one end of the wire.
  6. Tighten screws with 8 in pounds of torque.
  7. Slide the heat shrink tubing over the connection so that it is centered over the brass connector assembly.
  8. Apply heat to the shrink tube with a torch or heat gun from the middle of the shrink tubing moving out to each end.
  9. Apply heat until adhesive flows out on both ends of the tube.
  10. Properly installed, shrink tube will be smooth and conform to the cable.


  • UF Splice Kit

Kit Contents

  • Heavy Wall Tubing
  • Four (4) position Barrel Connector
  • Instruction Sheet

Product Properties

Market / Applications

  • Industrial
  • OEM
  • Power Distribution
  • Power Distribution - LV
  • Utility
  • Water/Waste Water Treatment


Version: 01 2018/JAN/02
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