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​Cold shrink end caps

CSEC Series cold shrink end caps are designed to provide a reliable, moisture proof method of sealing exposed cable ends without the use of additional tools, tapes or mastics. Made of EPDM rubber, the end caps are pre- expanded over a rip core that are simple and easy to install.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Accommodates a wide range of electrical cables, pipes and conduits in four different sizes
  • Excellent insulation, sealing and abrasion resistance
  • No tapes, mastics or heat source required
  • Protects cables and pipes from exposure to moisture, contamination and corrosion
  • UV, Ozone and water resistant
  • Easily removable
  • Continuous operating temperature: -20°C to 105°C


Select a dimension which will shrink snugly over the component to be covered
  • Please specify the product name, order number and options you require
  • Order example: CSEC-1, black, 20 pieces

Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on custom sizes, lengths and material data sheet.

Product Properties

Order Number Application Use Range Delivery Units
  IN MM Pieces per Box
CSEC - 1 0.46 - 0.82 11.6 - 20.9 10
CSEC - 2 0.63 - 1.18 15.9 - 30.1 10
CSEC - 3 1.02 - 1.94 26.0 - 49.2 10
CSEC - 4 1.79 - 3.32 45.5 - 84.3 10

Market / Applications

  • Commercial Construction Projects
  • Communications Cable Splice & Protection
  • Industrial
  • Industrial Construction/Automation
  • Mining
  • OEM
  • Petrochem/Pulp & Paper
  • Power Distribution
  • Power Distribution - LV
  • Shipboard
  • Transit
  • Utility
  • Water/Waste Water Treatment


Version: 01 2018/JAN/02
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