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Specialist for heat shrink tubing and cold shrink technology

For more than 45 years, DSG-Canusa is known for developing and producing high-quality heat shrink tubing and cold-applied accessories. In addition to the heat and cold shrink tubing product line, we provide a full range of heat shrink equipment.

DSG-Canusa's heat and cold shrink products

Our growing portfolio of heat shrink products includes thin-, medium- and heavy wall tubing made of polyolefin, fluoropolymer and elastomer with or without adhesive. With these reliable materials and tried and tested products we develop successful solutions to seal, mark and protect wire harnesses, cables, pipes and tubes. Driven by our long-term commitment to the research and development of outstanding materials, products and technologies, our mission is to lead the industry in manufacturing superior heat and cold shrink products that meet CGA, UL and other industry approved certifications.
We manufacture in Europe, North America, and China making DSG-Canusa’s strong regional and global supply chain options for our customers.

DSG-Canusa's heat shrink application equipment

Years of experience in providing heat shrink materials have resulted in the creation of a full range of technically advanced heat shrink equipment for applying heat shrink tubing in demanding manufacturing processes. Our offer has evolved from simple heat guns to high-performance shrink machines in standard or customized designs. Contact us to learn more about how DSG-Canusa heat shrink equipment and heat shrink products can be used together to improve your processing and quality assurance.

Our Market Approach: Serving globally

With our application expertise and our unique technical solutions, we are serving Automotive, Industrial OEM, Nuclear and Electrical Utility markets. To deliver the best performing products to all our customers on-time and to meeting their expectation, we are organized globally and have chosen our sites strategically.

Local production for local demand

We produce our heat and cold shrink products at three locations worldwide: Toronto, Canada; Rheinbach, Germany and Suzhou, China.
We produce locally to serve the local demand while optimizing lead times, transport time and costs.
Our global team utilizes ressources from our different locations to support every customer‘s need. We
welcome customer driven supply chain development and consider their increasing expactations as our
opportunity to rise above.

Automotive Industrial OEM Electrical Utility
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DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog

DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog

To find out more about our extensive product range download the DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Catalog.

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Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog - for EMAR

Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog - for EMAR

Lear more about our broad range of products and download the catalog here!

Download Catalog