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​Meeting our customers' needs from common to custom.

Shawcor is committed to leading the industry with innovative solutions that are proven, dependable, tested to the highest standards and precisely manufactured to your specifications.

It all starts with your first contact with our sales team or technical support team. These teams are located throughout our regions to serve you in your local language. We strive to provide same-day responses to initiate the bidding process or technical review.

For technical reviews, many customers rely on our unique in-house design capability and expertise to tackle projects of all scopes and sizes. We provide comprehensive services, advanced in-house materials and product research as well as product development and pre-qualification testing.

We offer customers much more than a catalog of products. To produce a dependable and superior product, we provide the technical leadership and service responsiveness needed to meet all of your project deadlines as well as your performance requirements.

Product When You Need It, How You Need It

Shawcor has the ability to manufacture ShawFlex wire and cable products and DSG-Canusa cable accessories as run to order and engineered to order. Run to order products are available from our extensive catalog of standard constructions/items.

Run to Order – Standard items that can be ordered from our catalog

Engineer to Order – Customized designs for specific project requirements

To meet our customers' needs, our first promise is to meet your timeline. We do this through inventory, customer supply chain programs and some of the shortest lead times in the industry. We also meet your needs for:

  • Minimum order quantities
  • Short runs
  • Custom packaging
  • Specialized kits
  • Training

Shawcor is ready to help you meet the high-performance needs of today.

How We Make It Happen

On time delivery doesn't happen by mistake. It is a combination of our customer-focused culture, experience and robust operational processes. The foundation of our culture is in the engagement of our employees in the Shawcor Management System and Daily Management Process.

Shawcor Management System (SMS)

Launched in 2006, the Shawcor Management System (SMS) is an industry-leading business improvement model and strategy that leverages leadership, culture and reliable processes to flawlessly execute operational plans, optimize business processes and set standards for reliability. We demonstrate our commitment to quality and continuous improvement by meeting and exceeding our customer expectations—delivering superior quality and integrated solutions on time and on budget.

SMS brings our customers multiple benefits including lower project cost, higher quality and better on-time performance, by improving our processes and overall operational efficiency. The continuous improvement in our facilities is assessed through annual internal audits that measure performance against stringent SMS standards.

We share best practices across all our sites globally and seek perfection in everything we do. Through SMS, we set the standard for superior execution and deliver results and value that make us the global leader in our industry.

Daily Management Process (DMP)

DMPs are high-frequency, regularly scheduled, two-way discussions between leaders and employees. DMPs engage all our employees in our business and in ways to improve it. Facilitated at standardized metrics and visual boards at Shawcor sites around the world, DMPs also help by:

  • Accelerating the speed at which we react and recover from out-of-control conditions
  • Facilitating good leadership practices
  • Enabling fact and data-driven leadership and decision making
  • Promoting an effective visual workplace

In many sites, multi-tiered DMPs (work center, department, function, plant) are used to encourage ownership and engagement by the respective teams. Metrics at each DMP are defined by the team and aligned to the plant and business metrics. For example, on-time delivery at the plant level may be defined as schedule attainment at the work center.

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