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ShawFlex offers a wide range of UL Tray Cable products for industrial and utility applications, providing superb performance and ease of installation

ShawFlex provides 600, 1000 and 2000 V UL Type TC Tray Cable to the Industrial and Utility markets, with a wide variety of cable configurations, high conductor counts, top industry performance and quality, and with low MOQ and lead time requirements.

We do this by:

  • Providing a variety of insulation and jacketing materials, such as, PVC/Nylon, XLPE, and EPR insulation, PVC, CPE (thermoplastic and thermoset), and LSZH compounds for jacketing, with a wide selection of shielding configurations including aluminum mylar tape, longitudinally corrugated copper tape, helical copper tape, copper braid, and combinations thereof
  • Supporting your challenging and complex cable design needs - including products with over 80 conductors - with a team of highly experienced engineering and operations professionals
  • Offering one-stop solution with a broad range of sizes and cable configurations available to meet your diverse performance requirements

UL Tray Cable Construction Comparisons

Features and Benefits

  • Can be used outside of the cable tray - with no set length limitations - for reduced overall installation expense with TC-ER rating
  • High chemical and oil resistance, for increased durability and reliability in industrial environments
  • Great low temperature performance, for safe and high quality extreme cold installations
  • Sunlight resistance (SUN RES) available for all jackets
  • Suitable for both direct burial and exposed run installation
  • IEEE 1202/FT4 Industry standard flame retardant test rated

Product Datasheets

* Tin copper braid with overall aluminum/mylar shielding is available
** Please contact us for requesting other UL Tray cable datasheets, which are not listed in the table above.

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ShawFlex UL Wire and Cable Products Catalog

ShawFlex UL Wire and Cable Products Catalog

To find out more about our extensive product range download the ShawFlex UL Wire and Cable Catalog.

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