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Data-Empowered Solutions


Operate Your Assets at Peak Performance

Our industry continues to evolve but, many work processes can be decades old. Manual record keeping and disparate systems cause inefficiencies, skilled workers are not available to resolve discrepancies, so actions are often based on tribal knowledge. Traditional data collection and processing does not provide information when and where you need it.

It is time for change. iLINE™ data-empowered solutions utilize solid digital technologies with built-in expertise to get your operation on the right track.

Industry Trends

Almost half of oil and gas industry professional around the world see a potential skills shortage as the biggest worry in their sector.

Gas Industry Fears Skills Shortage, - January 2019

Upstream industry loses $8B a year on non-productive time as engineers spend 70% of their time searching and manipulating data.

IOT BUSINESS NEWS, Revealing the Power
of IOT in Oil and Gas, October 2018

Mega Rule applies to more than 500,000 miles of pipeline that carry natural gas, oil, and other hazardous materials throughout the U.S.

PHMSA Publishes "Mega" Rule After Nearly A Decade
of Work Pipeline & Gas Journal - October 2019

Optimize Your Workflow

Beyond simply data, a well-managed digital solution changes your workflow so that information is in the right form, at the right place, and at the right time. Protect, monitor, examine, and test to assure pipelines and facilities perform at peak levels – no matter the life-stage, or how large or complex the system.

  • Reduce errors and improve efficiency
  • Add missing expertise to your operation​
  • Reduce personnel in high-risk areas​
  • Make timely decisions​
  • Meet industry regulations
  • On-demand project and asset data
iLINE Media

iLINE Media

Optimization in the Pipeline

Optimization in the Pipeline

Shawcor Increases Efficiency Through RFID

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