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Don’t Let Weld Inspections Delay Your Project

As regulations expand to encompass more assets, there is a growing demand for inspection personnel. However, finding additional resources is becoming harder. iLINE Weld Advisor allows your auditors to work remotely so they can cover more assets. Inspection images are accessible in the cloud, reducing field personnel while boosting efficiency. iLINE Weld Advisor provides feedback to the in-field inspection crew so that your auditor is never left wishing they had a different weld shot of your asset. Project managers access progress and quality updates to ensure their project is running on schedule. iLINE Weld Advisor allows you to:

  • Reduce time with automated integration​
  • Eliminate approval delays and reduce cost or rework​
  • Access project data remotely or from the field​
  • ​Interpret data easier with intuitive analytics dashboard