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Delivering comprehensive asset integrity management for your organization to ensure safe, reliable operations at any stage.

Our extensive Mechanical Integrity (MI) program was developed to ensure compliance with OSHA’s Process Safety Management regulatory requirements outlined in 24 CFR 1910.119 Sec. J. Each individualized MI program monitors the corrosion rates and primary damage mechanism of our clients’ important infrastructure, including gas plants, compressor stations, well pad production equipment, tanks, pipelines and more. With certified API Inspectors (510/570/653/571/577/580/SI), who also serve as MI project managers, and 24/7 access to MI program data via our customer portal, we provide safer and more reliable operations. By establishing inspection intervals throughout the life cycle of our customers’ assets, we also provide readily available access to documentation for plant outages and regulatory audits.


Shawcor’s MI program draws on design, manufacturing, maintenance, inspection, process, operations and management concepts to ensure the integrity of your infrastructure and equipment at any stage. Each unique MI customer program is developed and implemented through a streamlined process, which includes:

Consultation and planning
We start with an in-person discussion to understand your goals, budget and timeline. We then evaluate the current condition of your assets and documentation, allowing us to build a customer-specific program solution to meet your expectations and budget.

MI project managers facilitate the development of master equipment lists, asset tracking and systemization and piping circuitization strategy.

Field data gathering
Experienced API Inspectors lead the MI field teams of certified ASNT technicians and field draftsman. Our work in the field begins with isometric sketches to identify condition monitoring locations (CMLs) that will be inspected throughout the lifetime of your assets. Once the preparation is done, we gather thickness data and perform external and internal API visual inspections.

Our team provides piping ISOs and P&IDs following a review of equipment inventories and U1-A documents. We then create clear piping and equipment drawings to ensure accurate and repeatable data collection and management.

Project delivery
We work with our customers to load integrity data into standardized databases for corrosion trend analysis and information sharing—maintaining client data in-house or uploading into client-based systems. And by utilizing the latest versions of software, we can even assist clients in migrating from legacy systems and paper files. Our experienced data technicians can also assist with configuring systems and establishing data structures to ensure valuable information is readily available when you need it most.

Completion review
MI project managers work with you to explain data findings and establish actionable solutions in addition to planning for future inspections.

Integrity Management Solutions
We are the market leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection experts

We are the market leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection experts

We provide a wide range of inspection services for reliable maintenance and operations where you need them

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