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Helping offshore operators and contractors ensure pipeline performance, project, schedule and integrity certainty at every stage.

To ensure pipeline assets run reliably and efficiently for the duration of your offshore operation, partner with Shawcor. From initial install through project completion, our full suite of inspection and monitoring services mitigates risk of failure and improves operational certainty by better detecting points of failure on assets such as offshore risers, trunklines and flowlines.


See how our market-leading NDT services and expertise can maximize your safety and operational uptime in even the most challenging environments.

Automated ultrasonic testing (AUT)
The most advanced type of 3D imaging resulting in real-time interpretation and immediate feedback for the welding process

Ultrasonic testing (UT)
Highly repeatable, reliable testing techniques to detect internal flaws and characterize materials through the use of high-frequency sound waves

Real-time radiography (RTR)
Well-established methods utilizing advanced X-ray generation and detection technology to quickly produce high-quality digital images

Field radiography (RT)
Accurate and safe imaging technique employing electromagnetic radiation to view the interior of a pipe from 6" to 72" in diameter

X-ray crawlers
Radiography of the entire circumferential length of a pipeline girth weld in a single exposure

Equipment sales
An array of state-of-the-art high-definition radiography inspection equipment for small- and large-diameter pipe

Specialty inspections

Industry-leading specialty inspections for tank cars, ovality end dimensioning, spiral welds, HDPE fusion joints and more. Whatever your deepwater challenge may be, our experts stand ready to deliver the greatest uptime and lowest cost-per-foot in deep and ultra-deep water projects. Throughout the entire well life-cycle, we perform services from pre-FID to production of the last recoverable reserves.


When fast, accurate inspections are needed for the world’s most challenging offshore pipe installations, Shawcor keeps the pace. Whatever your challenge, Shawcor can work with you on a custom, turnkey solution to attain and sustain the desired pipeline condition.

Shawcor combines in-house product and project expertise with field-proven technology and processes to deliver solutions to the client that can achieve first oil faster, enhance production and reduce down-time to maximize the financial return on investment.

Inspection & NDT Services
Shawcor Pipeline Services

Shawcor Pipeline Services

Let us help you with our inspection and NDT services

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