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Ensuring rapid local support for energy infrastructure construction and integrity projects

Conventional Non-Destructive Testing across a national branch network.

Highly-trained and certified technicians, rapid on-site deployment for projects of virtually any scale, and more advanced equipment resources make Shawcor the United States' midstream market leader in conventional gamma radiography (RT).

Conventional Radiography Testing (RT) is a non-destructive testing method that uses gamma rays or X-rays to detect damage, corrosion, wall thickness, and welding imperfections on field and piping welds, investment casting, and pressure vessels.

Shawcor performs highly-accurate girth weld inspections of small diameter pipelines for gathering systems, gas plants, storage facilities and other midstream infrastructure—ensuring our customers remain within code compliance and receive greater mechanical integrity assurance for the long-term. And by utilizing only the highest-quality Class 1 films for gamma ray inspection of pipeline welds, we produce high-quality images of our customers’ pipelines for rapid, efficient detection of any anomalies.

Conventional film can also be digitized for electronic storage.

Other RT Methods:


Each of our technicians is certified to American Society of Non-destructive Testing (ASNT) Level II standards in radiography, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle and ultrasonic thickness testing methods. Prior to certification, all technicians receive extensive on-the-job helper training.


With more than 200 mobile darkroom trucks across the United States, Shawcor has more trucks—and more service capacity—than any other provider in the country. Together with a growing network of 14 branches strategically located near our customers’ projects and assets, no task is ever too big or complex. In fact, our branch network is continually shifting to stay aligned with the energy market and the projects our customers need to execute.

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