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Monitoring comprehensive internal and external corrosion and erosion rates for process piping, pipelines, vessels, towers and tanks using the precision of ultrasound.

Shawcor has partnered with Berkeley Springs Instruments (BSI) to provide real time assessment of the mechanical integrity of customers’ assets while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. The BSI patented Eagle Array™ is perfect for difficult locations. It is ideal for above-ground or below-ground structures including complex component geometries such as elbows and reducers. The wireless configurations can be deployed for long-range data transmission.


The Eagle Array accurately measures internal thickness and corrosion of pipes, tanks, welds and many other structures that may be difficult to access, helping avoid down time resulting in loss of revenues.

With huge success, The Eagle Array has been the focus of six sigma studies, field-testing and other specific commercial test loops.


Remote Continuous Condition Monitoring using the Eagle Array allows customers to monitor pipelines using the state-of-the-art SCOUT™ Software, which represents the heart of customers monitoring network. Users are able to conveniently and securely access sensor data through the Internet and gain greater insight to the mechanical integrity of their assets.


  • Rugged and durable components designed for harsh environments
  • Precision corrosion rate monitoring
  • User-centered software design
  • Variety of power options
  • Compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Field-tested
  • 24-Hour remote monitoring / 7 days a week / 365 days

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Berkeley Springs Instruments, LLC

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