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With our state-of-the-art, industry-leading high definition real time radiographic and telemetry equipment, Shawcor's expertise brings girth welds directly from the field to our clients’ offices. By adding another layer of quality control, we provide real-time data to support subject matter experts in critical decision-making.


READDI, or Remote Evaluation of Acquired Data During Inspection, is a proprietary solution for pipeline inspection industry, developed by Shawcor’s Integrity Management Group and Zedi that combines field technology and a cloud-based application.

It uses Shawcor’s state-of-the-art Real Time Radiography (HDRTR) equipment and leading-edge telemetry equipment to bring girth welds from the field to a remote computer in near real-time. This eliminates the need to have an expert inspection auditor physically onsite, and enables remote auditing from anywhere in the world, reducing overall project costs. The reporting on READDI tracks welding teams, and if there are a high number of poor welds associated to one particular weld team, it can be easily identified and rectified


  • Efficiently and securely store pipeline girth weld images
  • Network connectivity in remote areas without cell coverage that provides ability to use email and Instant Messaging (IM), as well as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  • Remotely view weld images in near real-time through Zedi’s cloud-based platform
  • Leverage client auditors to execute remote inspections for multiple teams that are active at the same time
  • Improve safety with auditors working remotely (fewer personnel on site), less re-work, and a radio network for areas with no communications


  • Customer more efficiently utilize auditors to review the girth weld images through remote inspection of multiple teams, reducing third-party personnel costs
  • The rework costs are reduced and nearly eliminated as the auditor can view the girth weld images in near real-time rather than waiting until the end of day
  • The quality of welding and inspection process will be greatly enhanced
  • Improve cycle time and efficiency
  • Connect in the field through a local Wi-Fi network
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