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Collecting full volumetric measurements on various materials by using manual or automated equipment with Non-Destructive and Ultrasonic Testing methods.

Experienced technicians at Shawcor use Ultrasonic Testing (UT) to collect thickness data and determine if any anomalies are present on various materials to ensure operators’ code compliance, as well as data collection for preventative maintenance, planning and risk assessment.

Ultrasonic Testing uses high frequency sound waves to measure the thickness or internal structure of a test item. These high frequency sound waves are directional, and travel through materials such as steel until they encounter a boundary with another medium, at which point they reflect back to the transducer. By analyzing these sounds waves, it is possible to measure the thickness of an item, or potentially find evidence of flaws and discontinuities, while discounting reflections from normal (geometric) indications.

Manual ultrasonic testing techniques utilize highly portable equipment that can be used in many situations and industries. Asset owners can use the data provided by ultrasonic testing to assess and create integrity management plans.


Shawcor’s automated ultrasonic testing systems can be used to obtain vast amounts of data in fast progression. The data collected can be analyzed in various formats to include 3D images and calculations, as well as characterizations of damage and discontinuities. Automated corrosion mapping can be used on 2” diameter piping up to flat plate (vertical climb with 100ft. umbilical) due to a highly adjustable chassis and strong magnetic wheels, which allow thickness data to be collected every 0.30” and at speeds up to 30” per second. This ensures complete coverage of the material being examined. This equipment is portable and can be used in remote locations.

With our fully portable ultrasonic testing systems, our technicians can mobilize to any location and perform UT examinations with uncompromising accuracy.


  • Automated ultrasonic thickness inspection is ideal for areas that are inaccessible or difficult to access with other methods such as radiography, requiring minimal access considerations
  • Our manual and automated equipment options fit the needs of our customers
  • Our experienced technicians are Level II certified per SNT-TC-1A standards
  • Rapid and accurate analysis – same day and next day reporting available, depending upon complexity and findings
  • Field testing with laboratory quality
  • Reduced risk of customer’s liability with properly documented information and archiving services available
  • Fast audit times
  • Compliance with local government and industry requirements
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