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SIS provide a wide range of 'off the shelf' and custom solutions for a very broad range of aeronautical applications.

Digital radiograph of a honeycomb section
Digital radiograph of a honeycomb section
This includes the inspection of composites, turbine blades/ casings, wing fuel components, critical welds and components for rockets, missiles, airplanes and helicopters.

Applications include:

  • First article inspection of new products, particularly composite structures.
  • In-production inspection of components such as air ducting, fuel piping, turbine blades, etc.
  • Assembly checks of complex systems, ensuring all components are properly located and secured.
  • In-service inspection of components, for example engine components (particularly turbine blades), flight control surfaces, helicopter and propeller blades.
  • 2D and 3D CT inspection of critical components such as turbine blades, rocket motors and helicopter blades.
Digital radiograph of complex alloy casting
Digital radiograph of complex alloy casting

SIS manufactures high performance products to the highest quality standards. With its team of dedicated professionals, its extensive experience and proven innovative technology, SIS is in a unique position to meet the demands of individual projects and deliver fully integrated solutions.