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Shawcor Inspection Systems (SIS) Division supplies a wide variety of products for the inspection of a very broad range of military components.

155mm shell radiograph at 3 MV
155mm shell radiograph at 3 MV

This includes components and assemblies for military planes, ground vehicles such as trucks, tanks, submarines and ships, to missiles, shells, explosives, bombs and from small arms to heavy artillery.

Our Real Time Radiography is principally used for the inspection of rocket motors, missiles, flares, explosives and fuze mechanisms, where a live image is required.

Digital Radiography (DR) is also used to replace x-ray film and inspect components that are simply too dense to provide a real-time image.

Computed Tomography (CT) is used for the inspection of complex devices, particularly missile components, safe and arm and fuze mechanisms.

3D rendered image
3D rendered image

Typical Applications include:

  • Munitions (shells, mortars, flares, explosives)
  • Safe and arm and fuze mechanisms
  • Ship and submarine power plant components
  • Missiles, rocket motors, casings, propellants and launch tubes
  • Heat exchangers, protective electronics enclosures, etc.