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High Energy X-Ray Facilities

Concept layout of fully automated 155mm shell inspection system
Concept layout of fully automated 155mm shell inspection system
X-ray head & controller
X-ray head & controller
Varian Linatron M6A
Varian Linatron M6A

SIS has considerable experience in providing digital x-ray solutions for the inspection of heavy, large or high density components. Our solutions cover energy ranges from 1 MV to 15 MV and, in general, we use the Varian Linatron products for the x-ray source. We supply the complete design for the x-ray enclosure, component handling, linear accelerator’s (Linac’s), high energy imaging detectors and imaging/ PLC control software. We also supply high energy equipment to upgrade existing x-ray cells for Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography.

Each concrete x-ray enclosure design is subjected to 3rd party detailed structural design to provide fully validated structural calculations and construction detail. Our Project Management team oversees the on-site works during the construction of the x-ray enclosure.

Shielded X-ray Enclosures

Our in-house design team has the capability to provide detailed designs for x-ray cells. Typically we provide the following:

  • Internal and external layout of the facility
  • Radiation safety calculations for concrete and lead (Pb) thickness
  • Motorized access doors & cable labyrinth design
  • Motorized, double doors for conveyor systems entry/exit
  • Lighting, ozone extraction and emergency stops
  • CCTV cameras, shielded from radiation damage
  • Radiation safety and lock-up systems (SALUS)

X-ray Detectors/ Software

We supply a range of x-ray detectors, fully shielded for high energy use and fully integrated into our ‘iX-Control’ software. Our custom hardware controls the Linac pulse rate and gates it’s output.

  • Our SIS ‘LSXI’ high energy detectors (up to 1m x 1m area)
  • Perkin Elmer XRD Series flat panels
  • Varian Paxscan high energy flat panels
  • iX-Control software for image interpretation and storage

Manipulators & Conveyors

SIS designs custom manipulators & conveyors for component handling. Our systems are designed to withstand the high radiation levels typically found in these applications:

  • Conveyers in/out of the x-ray cell for fast component load/un-load
  • Horizontal and vertical manipulators for shells, missiles, bombs etc
  • Jib cranes/winches for component load/un-load
  • Heavy duty turntables for imaging large castings, rocket motors etc