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Shawcor's facility in Orkanger, Norway

Shawcor’s Orkanger, Norway facility is strategically located in the Port of Orkanger in order efficiently service the North Sea, Barents Sea and international markets. The state-ofart facility has been designed to meet the highly technical demands for subsea flow assurance.

The Orkanger facility that has large plant and storage capacities and is capable of applying anti-corrosion, Thermotite® flow assurance coatings, custom coatings and field joints allowing for multiple projects to be completed simultaneously. There is also the ability to fabricate double joints allowing for cost savings and ease of installation. The Orkanger facility is located adjacent to the Orkanger deepwater port and spoolbase providing logistical savings and efficient inbound and outbound pipe handling.

Shawcor is the industry leader in providing a safe and healthy workplace. The Orkanger facility has incorporated the latest technology in HSE practices and improved on the quality control systems that are presently in operation.

Special Services

  • Complete systems for subsea architecture in polypropylene, polyurethane and polystyrene
  • Special service for thermal insulation of bends and shaped products
  • Orkanger offers Thermotite® field joint systems and Thermotite® custom coating services
  • Orkanger offers flexible units for services in connection with construction of structures and fabrication yards
  • Double Joint welding facility in connection with the coating plant

Approvals and Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

Pipe Coating Products

  Diameter (") Length (m)
  min. max. min. max.
3-Layer Polyethylene 60.3 (2) 609.6 (24) 9 (30 26 (85)
3-Layer Polypropylene 60.3 (2) 609.6 (24) 9 (30 26 (85)
Fusion Bonded Epoxy 60.3 (2) 609.6 (24) 9 (30 26 (85)
Flow Assurance
Thermotite© 60.3 (2) 510 (20) 9 (30 26 (85)
Thermotite© ULTRA™ 60.3 (2) 510 (20) 9 (30 26 (85)
Custom Coating and Field Joints
Internal and External tailor-made per project tailor-made per project
ID Blasting
ID Blasting 114.3 (4) 406.4 (16) 9 (30) 12 (39.4)


Vigorveien 31, 7301 Orkanger
Orkanger Port, Norway
Last Updated: 12/6/2018 2:18:33 AM
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