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Shawcor's facility in 21st Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Shawcor’s 21st Street Edmonton, Alberta facility is strategically located to serve the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This provides customers with logistics and transportation savings along with a short term stock pile points that can be used to store the pipe prior to construction.

This facility is capable of providing the broadest range of pipe coating solutions in Canada. Products include the industry leading Yellow Jacket® cross head extruded polyethylene product, Insul-8® thermal insulation, Rock Jacket® for mechanical pipeline protection and Concrete Weight Coating designed for negative bouyancy in river crossings and offshore environments. This range of products provides customers with a one-stop center for all project coating requirements.

Special Services

  • Cement mortar linings for flanges and fittings
  • High shear tape
  • Spray foam insulation systems
  • Canusa-CPS heat shrinkable sleeves
  • Tapes
  • Primers
  • Field joint material

Approvals and Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001:2008

Pipe Coating Products

  Diameter (") Length (m)
  min. max. min. max.
Yellow Jacket® 12 (0.5) 610 (24) 6.1 (20) 19.8 (65)
Protective and Weight
Compression Coat™ 89 (3.5) 508 (20) 5.5 (18) 19.8 (65)
Rock Jacket® 89 (3.5) 508 (20) 5.5 (18) 19.8 (65)
Flow Assurance
Insul-8® 89 (3.5) 610 (24) 6.1 (20) 19.8 (65)
SureFlo™ CML 60 (2.375) 610 (24) 6.1 (20) 15.2 (50)


10275 21st Street
Edmonton, AB T6P 1P3
Last Updated: 12/6/2018 3:46:15 AM
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