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Shawcor Water

Shawcor Water plays a leading role as communities and industries look for solutions to protect, conserve and reuse water. Through constant innovation and expansion, we provide you with products and services in every sector – agriculture, construction, energy, manufacturing, technology and utilities.

When the water source is a waterway or rainfall, we provide the required conveyance, storage and management infrastructure. When the water to be treated and reused is stormwater, wastewater or graywater, we provide the products you need to collect, store and treat that water. When the critical need is for potable or fire protection water, we have the storage products you need in even the most remote and hard-to-access sites.

Wastewater Collection

Shawcor’s corrosion-resistant water tanks and pipes are watertight, and easy to install and maintain.

Water Conservation

Potable water, fire protection water, rainwater and stormwater all need reliable collection and conveyance products. Our watertight products meet your site needs, and relevant industry standards.

Water Quality

Our durable, long-life products help you restore water to a usable state, from primary through tertiary treatment.

Oilfield water

Efficient transfer and reuse of oilfield water with our engineered pipe and tank products help minimize the environmental impact of hauling water.

District heating and cooling

Ensure your pipeline and water storage assets are installed and maintained to get longevity out of your investment.