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Shawcor Showcases New Composite Technologies

Posted by on June 10, 2019 1:06:53 PM

Shawcor Showcases New Composite Technologies
Shawcor Showcases New Composite Technologies

Shawcor exhibits at the annual Global Petroleum Show (GPS) in Calgary, AB, each June, showcasing our abundance of oilfield services solutions and latest developments. This year, Shawcor is featuring our brand-new line of composite tanks at GPS which is a result from recently adding ZCL|XERXES to our product portfolio.

While Shawcor can arrange for a variety of custom, composite tanks to be manufactured based on your specific requirements, the tank being showcased at GPS this year will be an above-ground, 50 BBL filament-wound flare knockout (FKO) tank. FKO tanks are a corrosion-resistant solution for separating gas from liquids in gas flaring applications. Just like our other composite technologies, Shawcor’s double-wall tanks are designed to outlast steel by withstanding harsh oilfield and weather conditions, and to provide a low lifecycle maintenance compared to steel alternatives. Shawcor’s composite tanks can withstand high pressure, temperature and vacuum capabilities, and provide both asset monitoring and leak detection. Customers in the oil and gas industry rely on Shawcor – the world’s largest manufacturer of underground fiberglass storage tanks.

Shawcor is also excited to announce our newest Flexpipe product, which is another feature at GPS. Alongside our impressive FKO tank, and many other oilfield services samples, we’ll have a 12-foot tall reel of 5” diameter Flexpipe High Temperature spoolable line pipe. Composite pipe is used in applications where a corrosion resistant, high pressure pipeline is required, and can be relied on for a quick and safe installation. Shawcor is the market leader in continuous pipeline technology; and we continue to improve our customers’ options with larger diameter innovations.

Shawcor invites you to come check out our new line of composite tanks at GPS in Calgary at the BMO Center from June 11 – 13. Speak with the experts on how Shawcor can provide a solution for your next project. Use code GUEST19 at registration for a free delegate pass.


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