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XtremeTemp CC: Reliable Performance at High Temperatures

Posted by Shawcor Ltd. | Oil and Gas Posts on July 22, 2019 4:00:00 AM

XtremeTemp CC: Reliable Performance at High Temperatures
XtremeTemp CC: Reliable Performance at High Temperatures

Ensuring uninterrupted flow of production fluids in offshore environments, from reservoir to topside, and throughout the life of the field, is the main objective of the Flow Assurance (FA) discipline. This is applicable to pipelines and also to Subsea Production Systems (SPS) such as Christmas trees, manifolds, jumpers and spools, among others. Different FA strategies are implemented to reach such goal, thermal management (e.g. use of thermal insulation) being one of them.

As deepwater projects become viable again, the importance of reliable insulation systems continues to be a major concern for operators and contractors. Deepwater subsea environments pose uniquely challenging problems. Solids deposition along cold pipe walls can easily lead to clogging and reduced flow. Stoppage points are difficult to locate, and not easily accessible once they are found. Even the least significant blockage can cause millions of dollars in potential remedial work.

As the industry pushes the boundaries of field development, Shawcor strives to offer solutions that meet the increasing demands of high temperature high pressure (HTHP) field developments.

Shawcor recognizes the need within the market for cost effective, low risk and highly reliable materials in extreme environments. XtremeTemp CC (XTCC) is the answer. XTCC has been developed to address the industry’s need for a robust solution which exhibits excellent self-adhesion properties, superior long-term performance and ductility, whilst being robust and resistant to hot and wet environments.

XTCC is a fast cure, ductile norbornene material which is extremely easy to process due to its inherently low viscosity and controlled cure profile. The material is characterized by its excellent moisture resistance and impact toughness.  XTCC is also microsphere-free, eliminating any unknowns regarding the long-term hot-wet stability of syntactic materials.

XTCC is specifically designed to have enough ductility to be applied to SPS and has been submitted to rigorous testing to meet ISO 12736:2014 standard for in-service conditions up to 180 °C and unlimited water depth.  Due to our confidence in the materials performance at high temperature, we have now extended the test program to regimes above 200°C.  In addition, its simple processing characteristics and low-pressure casting requirement allows the mobilization of equipment to any location around the world, facilitating the application of insulation to complex structures.  

For more information, visit the XTCC page or contact Neil Patrick, Market Development Manager, Custom Coating at +1 866 731 7260.

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