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Expanding Shawcor Pipeline Products in Nigeria

Posted by on April 30, 2020 9:15:03 AM

Expanding Shawcor Pipeline Products in Nigeria
Expanding Shawcor Pipeline Products in Nigeria

April 2020, Nigeria: THIS DAY NEWSPAPERS LTD published an article featuring the new partnership between Field Joint Coating Limited (FJCL) and Shawcor Pipeline Products International BV.

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The partnership was effective in April 2020 when Canusa-CPS appointed its official sole distributor; Field Joint Coating Limited (FJCL) that will strengthen our presence in the Nigerian market.

In response to the demand for premium quality products and services in the Nigerian pipeline technology market, FJCL and Canusa-CPS will supply pipe coating solutions from the FJCL operation, located in KM2, Eleme ONNE Road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Field Joint Coating Limited (FJCL) is a subsidiary of SOLEWANT GROUP, a leading pipeline field joints coating company. The group deliver field joint coating application services to oil and gas industries and provide a full range of anti-corrosion services for protecting girth welds. FJCL is strategically positioned to providing the oil and gas companies with unique pipeline field joint coating application systems required of them. In addition to the supply of specialty field joint coating materials, they use certified coating inspectors, and experienced applicators to help their clients deliver projects within specified time-frame and budget.

At Shawcor Products – Canusa-CPS, we are proud and confident that our new and exclusive partnership with Field Joint Coating Limited will achieve mutual success, heightened focus on our core markets and stronger brand presence in Nigeria.

Field Joint Coating Limited delivers innovative, high quality products; including: Heat-Shrinkable Sleeves, Liquid Epoxies, Visco-Elastic technologies and a variety of ancillary accessories and services to the Nigerian pipe industry. Read the full article.

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