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Posted on October 28, 2016 1:25:04 PM
  • Announcement: Shah Deniz 2 - Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Performance
  • Adding HSE standards with positive impact of the application and accurate monitoring

Shah Deniz 2 project – Shawcor approach to HSE

Shah Deniz 2 is one of the largest gas developments in the world. Shawcor provided various types of pipe coating services for more than 900 KMs of pipeline extending from Azerbaijan to Central Europe from various pipe coating facilities across the globe.

A wide range of pipe coating technologies including anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, concrete weight and flow assurance was provided from Shawcor’s facilities in Norway, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia. In addition, a major mobilization and upgrade program was implemented by Shawcor in Azerbaijan (Baku) to operate and execute the largest scope of work for the fa­cility owned by the local National Oil Company (NOC) and operated by Caspian Pipe Coaters (CPC), the sub-contractor.

  • 492km of anti-corrosion coating for the South Caucasus Pipeline expansion, onshore pipeline
  • 348 km of concrete weight coating and anti-corrosion coating for the Shah Deniz 2, subsea pipeline coating for the export line
  • 116 km of flow assurance coating Shah Deniz 2, subsea pipeline coating on flow lines
  • >33,000 field joints were protected by Canusa-CPS field-applied coatings 

Shah Deniz 2 Map - HSE PerformanceShah Deniz 2 - Azerbaijan, based in Caspian Sea

Ensuring Continuity of HSE on a complex project

The biggest challenge within the entire scope of Shah Deniz 2 was to ensure the continuity of HSE performance across all of the established sites and during mobilizations and throughout operation of a facility previously unknown to Shawcor. This required the implementation of Shawcor’s HSE standards, where required. Shawcor leveraged its corporate HSE standard for the Baku mobilized site by providing operating practices in compliance with management procedures and in accordance with relevant standards.

HSE Performance - Baku Mobilization

The main achievements in Baku, Azerbaijan were:

  • 750,000 man hours worked with 0 lost work cases, 0 operational restricted work and only 1 minor medical treatment case
  • Safety enhancements completed on time in line with overall mobilization
  • No major audit non-conformances during the Shawcor divisional HSE audit completed

Shah Deniz 2 - HSE Performance - training.jpgShah Deniz 2 - Improving HSE Performance with Training 

HSE Performance - Established Sites

Besides the excellent performance at the mobilization in Baku, our internal HSE standards were reinforced at established Shawcor sites used for the Shah Deniz 2 project. The collective HSE achievements at other sites included 512,000 man hours worked with 0 lost work cases, 0 operational restricted work and 0 medical treatment cases.

Shah Deniz 2

Topic Highlights:

To ensure Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance of Shah Deniz 2 project execution, Shawcor's Pipeline Performance Group set HSE compliance standards with clear objectives to increase productivity, effective application and incident free operations management.

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