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NACE SOSS Symposium to Present Shawcor Field-Applied Coatings

Posted by Shawcor Ltd. | Oil and Gas Posts on July 14, 2017 1:48:21 PM

NACE SOSS Symposium to Present Shawcor Field-Applied Coatings
NACE SOSS Symposium to Present Shawcor Field-Applied Coatings
  • NACE SOSS Symposium
  • July 19 - 20, 2017 at McMaster University, Canada
  • Shawcor is opening up the conference with a presentation on Advancements in Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Coating Technologies 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 9:30 am

Advancements in Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Coating Technologies by Keynote Speaker Somaieh Salehpour, Global Technology & Product Development Manager, Canusa-CPS, Shawcor Pipeline Performance.


The technology evolution in field joint coatings and the advancements in pipeline anti-corrosion coating systems current trends include: 

  • Performance consistency : 3LPP and 3LPE Factory-Applied Coating standard level of performance
  • Automation and data acquisition and traceability : Intelli Automation Technology 
  • Advancements in Field-Joint Coatings : Adhesives 
  • High performance coatings : 3LPE Factory Grade HSS and Automation
  • Non destructive field tests : safer and more reliable pipelines

The introduction of new technologies to meet emerging market needs has led to significant evolution of the field-applied coatings product range and to the vast number of solutions that Canusa-CPS has available today.

-Timeline with milestones -Canusa-50 years.pngCanusa-CPS Technology Evolution

THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2017 

Award Submission for Best Oral and Poster Presentations by Pascal Laferriere, General Manager, Canusa-CPS, Shawcor Pipeline Performance at McMaster University.

A workshop on advanced corrosion detection techniques from the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy, followed by a Shawcor award sponsorship for the best oral and poster presentations from our General Manager to McMaster University students. 

The pipeline industry continues to demand a greater degree of certainty, traceability and improved asset integrity. Through its Canusa-CPS brand of products and services, Shawcor will continue to deliver innovative solutions to increase the integrity of pipelines with an ever increasing focus on advanced corrosion protection, automation for consistency, productivity and safety and through the availability of data from field operations in real time to provide greater traceability for our customers.” said Pascal Laferriere, General Manager, Canusa-CPS, Shawcor Pipeline Performance Discover Canusa-CPS Technology Trend.


Learn more about our advanced IntelliCOAT® solution and discuss it’s possibilities with our team.

Automated Installation Process | Proven Technology | Field-Applied Coatings

Shawcor offers a complete portfolio of anti-corrosion coating products that can be field-applied using an automated installation process - introducing Canusa-CPS IntelliCOAT® - the world’s first fully automated system to control the application of heat-shrinkable sleeves and factory grade coatings. 


A student run organization dedicated to promoting corrosion science and technology over three major universities in Southern Ontario, namely: University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto and McMaster University. The aim is to increase corrosion awareness by providing educational seminars and networking opportunities.

"We believe that introducing the topic of corrosion and protection is a very important step in the development of students that are interested in fields of corrosion science and engineering, electrochemistry, and surface sciences." For more information, please visit:


Advancements in Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Topic Highlights

Shawcor's advanced field-applied coating technologies will be presented at McMaster University, Canada on July 19 and 20, 2017.

Canusa-CPS management team will interact with university students who are passionate about corrosion science and engineering.

Shawcor will also sponsor the event with an award submission to the university students. The objective is to increase corrosion awareness and its significance to meet emerging market needs.


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