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Local Content - Employment and Training of Nationals

Posted by Shawcor Ltd. | Oil and Gas Posts on September 27, 2017 10:21:21 AM

Local Content - Employment and Training of Nationals
Local Content - Employment and Training of Nationals
  • Carmen Brussolo
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Sur de Texas-Tuxpan Project

Shortly after Shawcor was awarded the Sur de Texas-Tuxpan project in 2016, Carmen Brussolo, a Mexican national, was hired as the project’s HR Manager. Carmen spent time in Houston for training and development to implement selection, hiring and training programs at Shawcor’s Altamira, Mexico facility.

Carmen Brussolo, Human Resources Manager

According to Carmen, one of the biggest challenges was to build a high-performance HR team capable of staffing and engaging a diverse workforce featuring 19 nationalities. The hiring process started by identifying candidates with an HR background, interviewing the best candidates through panel interview and hiring the right candidates based on qualifications and experience. HR team members were enrolled in an onboarding program to provide tools in HR and HSE. Additional training programs were conducted by mentoring locals one-on-one to share the skills to successfully develop their job.

The Altamira HR team recruited and hired 620 locals to fill staff and operations positions for the project. Shawcor found local talent by organizing a job fair, posting key positions in the local newspaper, advertising in a national employment website, and working in partnership with the Municipality of Altamira for interviewing and hiring personnel from their pool of candidates.

Altamira_1.jpgShawcor’s Concrete Weight Coating plant in Altamira, Mexico

The Shawcor HR team hired eight local Concrete Weight Coating (CWC) operators with no experience in concrete coating. The CWC operators were then enrolled in Shawcor’s onboarding program to acquire HSE knowledge and IIF culture. They were also enrolled in a three-month on-the-job training program designed and mentored by experts from Shawcor’s other concrete plants in Mexico and USA before starting production in Altamira, Mexico.

CWC operators are performing successfully in the concrete application on more than 60,000 pipes in two plants in Altamira. They are grateful to have received this training and be able to contribute their skills and experience to this project.

map.pngMap - Altamira, Mexico

The Altamira site consists of two mobile coating plants, Heavy Wrap 1 (HW1) and Titan, a new mobile coating facility built to specification for the Sur de Texas project. The two plants and a FBE repair rack are situated on 10 hectares of land with an additional 35 hectares of land developed to handle the storage of domestic and imported pipe. After Concrete Weight Coating (CWC) is applied, the pipe will be stored at our site prior to the start of load out for the offshore lay campaign.

Onboarding and training programs have been delivered to the rest of the workforce during the startup of operations. Employees’ training records have been tracked through the training management system to keep the records within Shawcor employees’ databases and obtain internal statistics, such as; Training hours for employees and percentage of training hours versus man-hours worked in our facility.


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