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CSS-EP: Launch

Posted by on March 07, 2018 3:33:25 PM

CSS-EP: Launch
CSS-EP: Launch
  • EPDM Cold Shrink Splice Kits
  • Announcement: Introducing the CSS-EP Series
  • Effective watertight sealing and electrical insulation of cable splices and low voltage in-line connectors

Protecting cable joints from moisture ingress is critical for the long term operational reliability of power networks. For example, the presence of moisture in a cable system leads to the breakdown of the insulation layer when the cable is operating under high electrical stress and temperature. In addition, water running through the conductor strands also causes corrosion and ultimately leads to cable failure over time.

A variety of insulating and sealing materials are used to make permanent joints on low voltage cables. Amongst these, insulating tape, resins, cold applied and heat shrink products are most commonly used by electrical contractors and utilities depending on the type of application. The choice of products is normally based on whether the cables to be spliced are for above ground, submersible or direct bury applications. Hand taping using PVC Electrical tape is still used for some of the above ground applications however, has been superseded by the choice of other readily available cold shrink and heat shrink product options that provide a more robust and permanent, long term splicing solution.

Due to increased emphasis on health and safety, Cold shrink product technology is becoming more preferable as a simple and cost effective way of protecting electrical cable assets, particularly in new cable installations where multiple joints are required to be made without the use of additional tools or heat sources. Cold shrink splice kits are highly recommended for use on low voltage power distribution cable joints that are situated in an underground vault or in an environment where volatile gasses may be present.

Typical applications of cold shrink sleeves

  • Suitable for insulating and protection of LV electrical connectors
  • Ideal for jacketing cables where abrasion resistance and electrical protection are required
  • Sealing and protecting in-line URD splices and termination connections up to 1000 V
  • Withstanding rugged mechanical/environmental requirements of URD, submersible and direct burial installations


CSS-EP Series Cold Shrink Splice Kit


Cold Shrink material and application advantages

An increasingly acceptable method of making LV cable joints uses cold shrink technology to splice and install the product. Cold shrink typically uses a molded rubber sleeve material that is pre-stretched over an inner supported plastic rip core membrane that once pulled, breaks off the rip cord by unwinding and finally allows the rubber material to shrink tightly onto the cable/connector substrate. The hoop strength of the rubber material retains its ability to hold inward pressure even after a long period of environmental exposure 

Using cold shrink technology offers several distinct advantages:

  • Easy, single step installation - no special tools, extra set up time or training is required
  • No heat source required - obtaining a hot work permit is not an issue
  • Rubber material provides constant uniform radial pressure – no additional mastics or tapes are necessary to prevent moisture ingress
  • Clean and easy to remove - lift the end of installed tube and slice with a utility knife

Excellent Physical Properties

CSS-EP productline from Shawcor is manufactured using a specially formulated EPDM rubber material that is tough and provides very good abrasion resistance and mechanical protection making it suitable for direct bury and submersible applications. The rubber tube is pre-expanded over a bio-degradable plastic rip core that is heat tacked to prevent premature unwinding during shipping and handling. Seven different sizes of cold shrink sleeves are available, typically offering a 2:1 shrink ratio that covers a wide application diameter range of 0.56” to 3.69”. The EPDM material also offers excellent UV and Ozone resistance to make them suitable for outdoor applications. CSS-EP has been qualified to meet the stringent performance requirements of ANSI C119.1-2011, and demonstrates superior sealing and electrical withstand characteristics

Shawcor’s CSS-EP cold shrink sleeves offer versatility and ease of use as splice covers on electrical cables and conduits and provide long term protection and resiliency, all for a relatively nominal cost.

CSS-EP (EPDM) Product 

Topic Highlights:

Shawcor’s CSS-EP cold shrink sleeves offer versatility and ease of use as splice covers on electrical cables and conduits and provide long term protection and resiliency, all for a relatively nominal cost.

Check out our CSS-EP applicaiton video


Download the CSS-EP Data Sheet



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