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Shawcor at Subsea Tieback 2018

Posted by on March 08, 2018 10:02:07 AM

Shawcor at Subsea Tieback 2018
Shawcor at Subsea Tieback 2018

Join Shawcor at the 2018 Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition to discuss new operational issues, challenges and solutions with global deepwater subsea operations.

The conference and exhibition will be held at the Moody Gardens Hotel & Convention Center in Galveston, Texas on March 13-15. Visit booth #421 to learn how Shawcor technologies and solutions can improve the quality, safety and economics of your next pipeline project.

Be our guest

We will be showcasing several products on the exhibition floor. Visit the Shawcor booth to meet with our experts – your pass is on us! Download your complimentary exhibition hall pass here.



Featured products on display

Wetisokote® (Five layer syntactic polypropylene thermal insulation coating system)

Wetisokote® is a polypropylene based syntactic foam subsea insulation system designed for flow assurance. The hollow glass microspheres in its polypropylene matrix provide excellent resistance to high hydrostatic pressure. It has been extensively tested for tensioner clamp loads and axial shear loads and has a wide offshore track record installed by reeling, s-lay and j-lay methods. Learn more about Wetisokote®

NEMO Hybrid Field Joint Coating

NEMO Hybrid is an award-winning, dual layer subsea insulation field joint coating system designed for flow assurance and developed for reeling thick line pipe insulation coating. It provides excellent thermal insulation in subsea environments and is compatible with Thermotite® (5LPP Foam) and Wetisokote® (5LPP Syntactic). Learn more about NEMO Hybrid


Thermotite® ULTRA™ is a styrenic alloy-based innovative subsea insulation system with unlimited water depth capability. Its lower thermal conductivity translates to reduced insulation thickness and potential savings in transportation and insulation costs. Learn more about Thermotite® ULTRA™


System88 is a completely safe and flexible system to transport pipes by train or truck. It offers a flexible system that can easily be adjusted for different pipe diameters. The system is made out of LDPE and is safe for coated pipes. Learn more about System88

About the conference

At the Subsea Tieback Forum and Exhibition hear directly from operators as they discuss innovative and practical ways to address real-world challenges in the subsea tieback arena. The audience is comprised of field supervisors and operations planning personnel, as well as engineering staff and management. The content addresses new operational issues, challenges, and solutions associated with global deepwater subsea operations. Dialog among strategic decision makers is facilitated through focused presentations, extended question and answer sessions, and networking. This exchange of knowledge represents experiences, applications, and current, real-world project examples.

To learn more, visit the

Shawcor at Subsea Tieback 2018


Visit with Shawcor experts at the Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition March 13-15, 2018 in Galveston, Texas at the Moody Gardens Hotel & Convention Center and learn about how we use technical innovation, reliability and a proactive approach to develop solutions for your pipeline project.

Click here to download the complimentary exhibit floor pass.

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