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Project Success and Effective Pipeline Coating Logistics

Posted by on July 25, 2018 6:50:30 AM

Project Success and Effective Pipeline Coating Logistics
Project Success and Effective Pipeline Coating Logistics

A successful pipeline project depends on the safety and integrity of the physical assets involved from beginning to end, with pipeline coating logistics being one of the most crucial aspects of the process. Every project can be envisioned like the life cycle of a child. Conception through birth is the project from planning and design through the organization and assembly of all the individual parts and processes necessary to begin construction. Childhood and young adulthood can be thought of as the actual installation of the pipeline, and maturity and old age as the lifespan of the pipeline throughout its useful existence, including the initial protection and the ongoing care and maintenance necessary to achieve this.

Ensuring Product Safety and Integrity

The risk of failures and costly downtime is always present in an pipeline project, beginning with the transportation of the pipes to and from the coating plants. Consistently delivering a high-quality and undamaged product depends on state-of-the-art pipeline coating logistics. If anything occurs during this phase of the project, significant costs and delays as well as reputation damage will be the result. This is the reason Shawcor takes pipeline coating logistics seriously.

Experience and Technology Make the Difference

For over 85 years, Shawcor has been an industry leader in providing integrated pipeline products and services, and we’ve earned a global reputation as a pipeline coating logistics company. We utilize cutting-edge data capture and management technology as an essential component of our coating solutions and pipe lifecycle management, with the goal of reducing the risk of unexpected incidents and project delays.

Our sophisticated systems provide integrated digital traceability of product throughout the process, along with comprehensive data management and decision support tools. Advanced RFID tagging and digital registration of equipment and other assets, combined with real-time GPS tracking and event-time stamping, guarantee accurate inventory management and precision monitoring of every move and location.

These technologies provide traceable, verifiable, and comprehensive project data to our customers, which is essential to the success of the project and the lifespan of the pipeline.

In the field, they eliminate many costly manual processes and transposition errors through the capability of touchless operations, which also reduces the need to have personnel working in high-risk areas. In the project office, they provide fast map-based visualization of critical data, which translates to enhanced project management and decision making on assets, equipment, and employees.

Shawcor is Your Partner in Success

When you need mission-critical pipeline services of any type, including pipeline coating logistics, Shawcor has the solution. Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll work with you to guarantee a successful project.

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