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Successful application and bend trials for Rock Jacket®

Posted by on August 08, 2018 11:01:00 AM

Successful application and bend trials for Rock Jacket®
Successful application and bend trials for Rock Jacket®

Rock Jacket® is a system developed by Shawcor to offer mechanical protection to the anti-corrosion coating and the steel pipe of onshore pipelines routed through steep slopes and rough, rocky terrain. With no limitations in terms of terrain configuration, trench material type and climate, Rock Jacket® has become the solution for several projects in North America and has proven its value in challenging projects around the globe. To demonstrate its capabilities, Shawcor held live trials to show how Rock Jacket® is applied and to demonstrate its bendability properties.

Rock Jacket® advantages

  • Lowest total installation cost and installation time
  • Lowest environmental impact in the industry
  • Ideal for both small and large diameter pipelines (6”-48”)
  • Compatible with Cathodic Protection

The Trials

Guests from the oil and gas industry, as well as third-party contractors had the opportunity to witness the application of Rock Jacket® coating and bend tests. The trials consisted of two main activities:

  • Application of 1” Rock Jacket® coating on FBE coated pipes (24” OD x 0.500” WT X52 steel grade)
  • Bend Rock Jacket® coated pipes to a total deflection of 15˚ to simulate conditions on the right-of-way

Bending trials were conducted on three test pipes as follows:

  • Pipe 1: Bend of 0.75˚ per pipe diameter every 12” for a total of 20 pulls
  • Pipe 2: Bend of 1.5˚ per pipe diameter every 12” for a total of 20 pulls
  • Pipe 3: Bend of 2˚ per pipe diameter every 24” for a total of 7 pulls

The Results

The trials were successfully carried out. After the field bending trials, there were no significant signs of concrete spalling, deformation, or damage to the underlying FBE system or pipe steel.

  • Pipe 1 achieved a total deflection of 15.4˚
  • Pipe 2 achieved a total deflection of 15.3˚
  • Pipe 3 achieved a total deflection of 12˚. For the last three pulls, the Rock Jacket® coating exceeded the industry standard with 2˚ per pipe diameter for each pull

A video on how the trials were performed is available in Shawcor’s YouTube channel. To watch the trial, click here.

Click to watch Rock Jacket trial video

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