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ULTRA™ and NEMO 1.1: The Best Solution for Linepipe and Field Joint Coating

Posted by on December 10, 2018 9:43:58 AM

ULTRA™ and NEMO 1.1: The Best Solution for Linepipe and Field Joint Coating
ULTRA™ and NEMO 1.1: The Best Solution for Linepipe and Field Joint Coating

The Greater Enfield Development (GED) is a greenfield development located to the west of Woodside’s existing Enfield and Vincent assets. The production wells are tied back to the Ngujima-Yin floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel via a 16” OD wet insulated carbon steel flowline. The FPSO provides injection water via a 10” OD water injection line to the water injection wells.

After reviewing the project’s conditions for the flowlines’ scope, Shawcor evaluated all possible wet insulation solutions including Multi-Layer Polypropylene Foam (MLPP), Glass Syntactic Polypropylene (GSPP) and Glass Syntactic Polyurethane (GSPU). The conclusion was that the combination of ULTRA™ and NEMO 1.1 linepipe insulation coating and field joint coating offered the most cost-effective and technically optimised end-to-end solution for the GED project.

Key Advantages

ULTRA™ consists of multi-layered styrenic based solid and foamed materials that provide a lower thermal conductivity wet thermal insulation system and higher strength than conventional blown polypropylene foam systems. Consequently, it provides a thinner solution than other wet insulation coatings such as MLPP/GSPU/GSPP. Together with a thermally efficient epoxy-urethane hybrid solid field jointing material, it offers many advantages over historically used solutions. Some of the key advantages include improved thermal efficiency, reduced cycle times and installation risks, and increased resistance to hot/wet environments.

ULTRA™ and NEMO 1.1 have been tested extensively and ULTRA™ has been used in several in-service pipelines. As there were no track records of using NEMO 1.1 as a field joint coating, there was a need to qualify the combination of ULTRA™ for linepipe coating and NEMO 1.1 for the field joint coating.

Coating Trials

Early discussions took place with TechnipFMC to understand the challenges for the project and to develop the scope of the qualification tests to be carried out. One of the identified challenges was the high load expected during lay. This led to the setup of a roller box test that closely replicated the passing of a freshly casted NEMO 1.1 field joint coating over the rollers on the deck and the stinger roller of a S-lay pipeline installation vessel.

The coating trials for ULTRA™ were executed in Shawcor’s pipe coating plant in Kuantan, Malaysia, while the trials for NEMO 1.1 field joint coating took place at Shawcor’s field joint coating facilities in Orkanger, Norway.

Project Execution

Upon completion of the qualification tests to the project’s requirements and the ISO 12736 standard, TechnipFMC confirmed ULTRA™ and NEMO 1.1 coatings as the wet insulation system for the project. The parent coating system has been safely produced on schedule at Shawcor plant in Kuantan, Malaysia, and successfully installed by TechnipFMC with the Global 1201 lay vessel in June 2018.

Successful Project Completion

TechnipFMC’s representative commented that they selected the ULTRA™ / NEMO coating combination because “it allowed us to deal with only one supplier for pipe and field joint coating applications. Furthermore, ULTRA™ offered the thinnest coating system with the required U-Value. In return, this offered less volume for transportation and handling of the pipes and was, therefore, more cost effective. Also, Shawcor’s management and team worked well through the challenges of the project to deliver the final linepipe coating as required. The Greater Enfield Project is considered a success and the coating combination of ULTRA™ / NEMO can be recommended for other projects as well.”

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