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Shawcor’s Compression Coat Technologies: The Tried and True Negative Buoyancy Solution

Posted by on March 26, 2019 5:15:00 PM

Shawcor’s Compression Coat Technologies: The Tried and True Negative Buoyancy Solution
Shawcor’s Compression Coat Technologies: The Tried and True Negative Buoyancy Solution

A major oil and gas operator installed a production facility that consists of a new platform, development of four wells, and a new 21 kilometer pipeline to connect this platform to an existing pipeline infrastructure. Shawcor was selected by the EPC, McDermott to provide Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) and Concrete Weight Coating (CWC) as the anti-corrosion and negative buoyancy controls for this 21 kilometer pipeline.

After reviewing the project’s requirements for the concrete coating scope, Shawcor evaluated all possible plant locations to ensure that the client’s goal of minimizing costs without sacrificing safety, quality or schedule, was met. Ultimately, it was determined that Shawcor’s facility in Pearland, TX would best suit this project’s requirements.

The use of a single location for all the pipeline coating eliminated a possible extra leg of pipeline transportation and reduced total logistic costs for McDermott. After the FBE and Rough Coat was applied, the pipe went straight to Shawcor’s mobile concrete coating plant (CCT) for weight coating application.

Pre-Qualification Tests

Before being awarded with the project, Shawcor underwent strict Pre-Qualification Tests (PQT) to ensure that the FBE and CWC solutions complied with the project’s requirements.

Anti-Corrosion qualification tests were performed to the DNV-RP-F106 standard. Disbondment and flexibility tests were included to ensure the integrity of the coated pipes remained intact throughout transport, lay and the expected life of the pipeline.

CWC qualification was done to meet both McDermott and Shawcor’s specification standards. Included in the PQT were shear test, water absorption and reinforcing wire placement tests. Shawcor’s product exceeded the shear test requirements by over 300%, proving the combination of Rough Coat on the FBE and Adhesive prior to CWC application creates a superior bond between ACC and CWC coating.

Successful Project Completion

Shawcor proved once again, that up-front planning and communication with the client and end user is crucial for project execution. During the RFQ stage, we engaged in discussion on selecting the right location to provide the lowest total installed costs and most efficient schedule for our customer. Upon award of the project, engagement further increased as we put together KPI’s and HSE guidelines as a team. After successful completion of the coating, discussions of best practices and lessons learned took place to ensure continuous improvement on future endeavours. This engagement strategy has shown that working as a team with your client and fellow contractors will consistently result in a stronger project execution.

For more information about this project and the successful collaboration between Shawcor and McDermott, please click here.


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