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SSV Portal: The newest result of Shawcor’s digital transformation

Posted by on April 22, 2019 1:51:00 PM

SSV Portal: The newest result of Shawcor’s digital transformation
SSV Portal: The newest result of Shawcor’s digital transformation

Shawcor’s simulated service vessel (SSV) simulates deepwater service conditions for insulated pipe, flexible pipe, and custom-coated subsea structures. By simulating these conditions and measuring the heat flow and compressive creep of the insulating material, we can advise pipeline design engineers of both the thermal efficiency and depth rating of the insulation. This data helps to establish reliable predictors of long-term performance, which helps to reduce overall project risk in subsea environments.

Shawcor provides a major benefit to clients with this unique, in-house testing because it eliminates project delays, sometimes for months, caused by waiting for time on a third-party simulator. However, because testing typically lasts days at a time, the process has been a time-consuming experience for customers. For this reason, many customers have expressed a desire to receive real-time test results without having to be physically present for the duration of SSV testing.

Our customers spoke and we listened. That’s why we developed the SSV Portal.

The SSV Portal is a secure web-based application that delivers test results to our customers over the Internet. This portal provides full visibility into SSV testing efforts, eliminating the need for customers to be on-site at our facility during testing. In fact, they don’t even need to be near a computer during the testing process. With built-in mobile functionality, customers can access SSV test results from any device, at any time, in any location.

The portal’s live dashboards offer customers real-time access to data, ensuring they’re only a few clicks away from the latest SSV test results. And when testing is complete, they can freely access test reports and images directly through the portal. All reports are available in PDF and can be exported for local storage.

Shawcor is well into our digital transformation which we call iLINE. The SSV Portal is a result of Shawcor’s ongoing efforts to expand and improve the solutions we offer clients. iLINE solutions enhance our existing products and services by adding digital capabilities. These digital capabilities provide customers with personalized mobile and web experiences tailored for the modern anywhere, anytime, any-device workplace. Leveraging digital technology in this way allows us to deliver benefits in the areas of traceability, monitoring, validation, and real-time analytics. In turn, these benefits drive enhanced performance and efficiency, greater cost reduction and improved risk management.

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