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Jun 01
Protecting Canadian Pipelines

Visit with the Shawcor team at the Global Petroleum Show, June 12-14, 2018 in Calgary, Alberta at Stampede Park and learn how Shawcor works in collaboration with pipeline owners and operators, key suppliers and research institutions to ensure pipeline integrity.

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May 21
How Does Corrosion Affect Your Pipeline?

The causes and effects of corrosion are important to know when performing condition monitoring for a pipeline. Effective corrosion inspection procedures can prevent corrosion from damaging your pipelines. Shawcor's pipeline corrosion integrity management services can help you avoid costly damages.

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May 14
Weld Testing Wisdom: Your Guide To Non-destructive Weld Inspection

You need detailed, reliable information to perform weld inspections. Non-destructive testing, or NDT, is the best way to get this information. Shawcor offers a selection of NDT testing services, including shear wave ultrasound inspections and phased array ultrasound testing.

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May 11
Shawcor at IFS World Conference 2018

Paul Pierroz, Senior VP of Business Services and Human Resources, discusses the value of data visibility in hydrocarbon and industrial markets and how Shawcor is setting an example for the industry.

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May 07
The Future of Corrosion Prevention

The Future of Corrosion Prevention: three methods using advanced technology including real-time x-ray, ultrasonic testing, and computed radiography.

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