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Optimizing ​mobile pipeline coating services with advanced portable equipment and facilities

Shawcor maintains a fleet of mobile pipe coating facilities and equipment that we can strategically station wherever you need them. We can operate near any oil and gas field, pipeline right-of-way, key marine waterway, rail site or trucking route.

Our portable pipeline coating services optimize logistics, improve the economics of large projects and can qualify for in-country content requirements. They also minimize coating repairs caused by transportation and handling damage, allowing you to operate more efficiently.

We bring extensive expertise in the design, set-up and operation of mobile pipe coating facilities and equipment all around the world. Our solutions include detailed research of the project’s environment and all required operational permits to ensure project success.

We locally source high-quality equipment and materials, if possible, to benefit project economics. We also recruit and train local residents to build and work with our coating technologies — reinforcing our commitment to support the economies of the countries in which we operate.

Mobile Coating Technologies

We constantly improve our existing mobile pipeline coating services to serve your project needs. Our portable solutions include:

  • Brigden™ — portable anti-corrosion and flow assurance coatings
  • Mobile concrete coating solutions
  • Field joint coating solutions

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