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Reliable pipeline management through integrity assurance

Oilfield pipeline operations rely heavily on continuously reliable integrity, performance and function of physical assets. Throughout the pipeline life cycle and value chain, any failure creates significant costs, including to costs to reputations.

Avoiding failures and downtime is the goal of every oil and gas pipeline operation. Reliable products applied in the best design, meticulous pipeline life cycle tracking and project management, and timely inspection and maintenance are the keys to keeping operations running at optimal levels and limiting project costs and asset downtime.

As the industry-leading integrated pipeline products and services provider, Shawcor offers a comprehensive range of technical solutions for CAPEX projects and facilitates pipeline management—the optimal inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul processes for existing pipelines.

While many suppliers may be capable of handling some aspects of oil and gas pipeline management, none can match advantages gained by partnering with Shawcor to ensure integrity throughout the pipeline life cycle and value chain.