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Advancing seamless application of pipeline coatings in any location, every time


Automated Application

The IntelliCOAT® system is the world's first fully-automated system to control the application of heat-shrinkable sleeves for the corrosion protection of pipeline field joints, and it is our latest contribution to the advancement of coating technology for the pipeline industry.



Electro-Fusion Equipment for Installation of Joint Casings on Pre-Insulated Pipes

IntelliFUSE automates welding of joint casing systems on pre-insulated pipes. Paired with Canusa CSC-XP joint casings, the system provides an unmatched value proposition for the field-installed, electro-fused joint protection system. The pragmatic features incorporated into the IntelliFUSE equipment design include:

  • Simple and intuitive operation menus accessible through touch screen interface
  • Built-in quality control / traceability system with GPS location tracking
  • Direct welding temperature control for consistent and robust weld of every joint
  • Compact and durable packaging built to withstand rigors of pipeline construction site


Induction Heating Equipment™

Automation and Process Control

Induction heating technologies are frequently used as part of the field joint coating process to raise the temperature of the pipeline surface for coating application. As part of our commitment to advanced process technologies and high-quality field joint coating solutions, we maintain a comprehensive fleet of specialized induction heating generators and coils in strategic locations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Far East, to service both short and long-term project rental needs.

Field-Applied Coatings
With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

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