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Tailoring engineered polymers for custom, high-performance applications

We customize polymer pipeline coatings for your project. Leveraging our decades of expertise, we create pipeline coatings that are reliable, durable and tailored to your application.

CanusaCOAT™ Copolymers

3-Layer PP/PE

Shawcor is a leading manufacturer of specialty copolymer adhesives for corrosion protection in 3-layer polyethylene and polypropylene-coated pipelines.


CanusaCOAT™ Mastics

2LPE Pipeline Adhesives

Shawcor is a leading manufacturer of specialty adhesive sealants that, for over 30 years, have been used for corrosion protection in 2-layer polyethylene-coated pipelines.


CanusaCOAT™ Fillers

Wire and Cable Fillers

Shawcor formulates and manufactures custom single-component adhesives to suit various applications around the world. We are proud to be the preferred adhesive supplier for the seismic cable industry and communications heat-shrink tubing industry.

Field-Applied Coatings

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