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Protecting against corrosion and extreme temperatures to prevent cold spots, cracks and failures

Mobile Field Joint Coating Solutions

Field joint coating consistency and quality are critical for the integrity of an offshore pipeline’s coating system. Shawcor offers end-to-end coating solutions, including and field joint coatings, while enhancing operator safety and reducing the operational footprint in the field.

Shawcor can mobilize its field joint coating equipment and experienced teams to any location required by your project. Our teams and equipment have completed projects both onshore on spool-bases or fabrication yards, and offshore on pipeline installation vessels.

Field Joint Coatings

The field joint is the area where two pipe joints meet and are welded together. This bare steel area must be protected against corrosion and thermally insulated after the welding and weld inspection operations in order to avoid creating corrosion-prone areas or cold spots in the pipeline or the subsea production structure.

Among other things, field joint coating systems must provide:

  • Long-term anti-corrosion and thermal insulation performance
  • Excellent bonding to the steel substrate
  • Compatibility with the parent coating system applied on the pipe joints
  • Easy application and installation in any conditions and locations
  • Short application and installation cycle time

Shawcor offers a complete range of anti-corrosion protection and thermal insulation coatings and has introduced to the market many innovative coating systems and processes such as Thermotite® IMPP and Thermotite® ULTRA™ during the last decades. We apply most of the field joint coating systems in the field, by mobilizing specialized equipment and experienced operators to various onshore locations—spool-bases, fabrication yards, other permanent and temporary project sites—or offshore on pipe-laying vessels.

Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Shawcor offers a wide range of anti-corrosion field joint coating systems covering all operating conditions for offshore construction.

Our anti-corrosion coatings are applied under quality controlled conditions, using advanced process technology. These coatings can be effectively used under concrete, infill and thermal insulation coatings.

Anti-Corrosion Coating Systems

Thermal Insulation Coatings

Our offshore thermal insulation product line for field joints consists of high efficiency thermal insulation systems with optimum thicknesses ensuring easy installation and excellent long-term thermal insulation performance.

Thermal Insulation Coating Systems


Field-Applied Coatings
Innovative range of filmless NDT systems

Innovative range of filmless NDT systems

Speeding up your inspection processes with better equipment and software

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