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High-performance sealing protection with a heat-shrink sleeve, pipeline casing products or accessories

Industrial Pipe Insulation and Protection

Shawcor offers high-performance heat-shrink sleeve options for your pipeline. Our advanced industrial pipe insulation line provides superior protection from moisture, soil and heat.

Offering a Variety of Pipeline Heat Shrink Sleeve and Pipeline Casing Products

At Shawcor, we understand that one size does not fit all. This is why we offer an extensive line of industrial pipeline casing and pipe sleeve products to meet the unique needs of your pipeline project. We specialize in pipeline casing and top-of-the-line industrial pipe insulation products.

Our product catalog includes:


Advanced Joint Casing System for Pre-Insulated Pipelines

The SuperCase line of products provides the ultimate protection of joints on pre-insulated pipelines. The heavy-duty, cross-linked polyethylene design offers extreme resistance to soil stresses and moisture ingress, while versatility and ease of application associated with Canusa SuperCase products ensure consistent and repeatable performance on every joint.

The SuperCase system features include:

  • Resistance to premature recovery in hot climates
  • Extremely fast application time, resulting in low installation cost per joint
  • Proven long-term performance and reliability with over one million joints already protected
  • Conformance to out-of-round and misaligned pipes, resulting in forgiving installation
  • Strong platform for effective and robust electro-welding process (Canusa IntelliFUSE™)



Electro-Fusion Equipment for Installation of Joint Casings on Pipeline Systems

IntelliFUSE automates welding of joint casing systems on pipelines. Paired with Canusa CSC-XP™ joint casings, the system provides an unmatched value proposition for the field-installed, electro-fused joint protection system. The pragmatic features incorporated into the IntelliFUSE equipment design include:

  • Simple and intuitive operation menus accessible through touch screen interface
  • Built-in quality control/traceability system with GPS location tracking
  • Direct welding temperature control for consistent and robust weld of every joint
  • Compact and durable packaging built to withstand the rigors of the pipeline construction site


SuperSeal™ and UltraSeal™

Heat-Shrink Sleeve for Pipeline Protection of Pipeline Joints

SuperSeal™ and UltraSeal™ sleeves have been specifically designed for long-term sealing of joints on pre-insulated pipes. An advanced grade of polyethylene backing material combined with function-specific adhesive technology ensures superior barrier against water ingress and exceptional protection from the soil stresses associated with pipeline systems.

SuperSeal™ system features include:

  • Compliance with the stringent requirements of EN 489 standard
  • Proven and extensive track record of sealing district heating joints over the past 25 years
  • Exceptional performance/value ratio

UltraSeal™ system features include:

  • Surpassing the requirements of EN 489 standard
  • The strongest bond to substrate and highest shear strength in class across the entire width of sleeve
  • The lowest installation temperature of any comparable system, ensuring forgiving installation





Heat-Shrinkable End Caps for Protection of Pipeline Ends

SuperStop™ and PLX™ are heat-shrinkable products intended for sealing and protection of exposed insulation at the ends of pre-insulated pipes. Cross-linked polyethylene composition in combination with high-temperature mastic adhesive ensures superior and enduring conformance of the product to the shape of the foam cutback, resulting in a barrier impenetrable to moisture ingress. Our end caps offer excellent bonding compatibility to common pipe coatings and exceptional sealing properties across a wide range of operating temperatures.

SuperStop™ (CSS) features include:

  • Molded configuration supplied with pre-attached adhesive for quick and easy installation
  • Available in sizes up to 710mm outer jacket pipe
  • Robust design offers extreme mechanical and sealing protection of the insulation cut-back

PLX™ features include:

  • Tubular configuration supplied with separate rolls of adhesive
  • Available in a full range of sizes (including unique pipe diameters)
  • One size can be used for several jacket pipe/service pipe combinations



Corrosion Protection and Sealing Sleeve System for Pipeline Joints

INR-110™ and K-60™ are heat-shrink sleeves paired into a system that provides continuation of corrosion protection and foam sealing across pipeline joints. The INR-110™ sleeve is applied directly onto the carrier pipe and has been designed to withstand conditions associated with the joint foaming operation while maintaining its full set of anti-corrosion properties. Complementary, the K-60™ sleeve provides superior mechanical and sealing properties required to protect the foam during construction and pipeline operating conditions.

Field-Applied Coatings
With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

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