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Improving operational safety, efficiency, and traceability with tubular asset management services and corrosion prevention solutions.

Through a complete range of inventory management, inspection services, maintenance and repair and sucker rod services, we reduce risk and unplanned downtime. We help so you not only reach, but maintain peak operating performance and high rates of asset utilization. In addition, we offer highly effective coatings for both shop and field applications to protect your assets from the costly effects of corrosion.

It’s this proven track record of saving our customers money through innovative, integrated solutions and tailored services that has established Shawcor as a leader in the North American energy services industry. And with additional technologies, capacities and locations, our ability to deliver timely, value-added products and services is better than ever. Take a look at our end-to-end asset management solutions to see how we can ensure the integrity and reliability of your critical assets.


Through a range of high-quality mobile and plant-based inspections for drill pipe, tubing, casing, linepipe, sucker rods and more, as well as machining services and industry-unique Web-based systems for advanced inventory control, we ensure that our customers’ assets stay strong, so you can operate efficiently and effectively.



With our protective custom coatings for shop and field applications, we keep your pipeline and infrastructure performing to rigorous quality, safety and environmental standards.


A full scope of asset utilization services from the companies that know best

The most intelligent and hardest-working energy services providers across North America have joined forces to provide our customers with true turnkey solutions from a single convenient source.


A leading North American provider of a complete range of tubular asset management solutions, including sucker rods, lined tubing, integrated inspection, threading, refurbishment and inventory management.


A prominent Canadian energy services provider of technical corrosion prevention solutions using technologically advanced equipment, industry-leading HSE policies and techniques, and qualified tradespeople.

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Integrated Solutions
We are the market leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection experts

We are the market leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection experts

We provide a wide range of inspection services for reliable maintenance and operations where you need them

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