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Delivering advanced coating technology to reach project goals

Shawcor applies a wide range of coatings to all types of pipe including projects requiring custom coatings due to specific requirements or configurations. These systems can be applied onto straight lengths of pipe, field joints, bends, fabricated spools and other custom structures. They can be designed and installed in a wide range of thicknesses and configurations to meet specific performance and subsea installation requirements for both shallow and deep water applications.

We work with you to achieve more product throughput with less process downtime. Shawcor pipeline coating technologies are based on innovative processes and extensive industry know-how. Shawcor delivers coating solutions that help your company reach its goals in the best, fastest and most profitable way possible.

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Automating your field joint coating operations with Intellicoat

Automating your field joint coating operations with Intellicoat

Precisely and consistently control and record all instillation parameters

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