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Export Lines Challenges

Conventional pipeline designs for trunklines and long-distance tiebacks are largely concerned with the need to withstand a high internal pressure. The higher the pressure that products can be passed down the line, the higher the flow rate and greater the revenue potential. To increase subsea production, these lines tend to be larger in diameter with a thicker pipe wall to withstand the hydrostatic pressure and bending as it is laid to the seabed. Pipelines from 16-in. to 28-in. (71-cm) are seen as the future for deepwater export pipeline systems.

However, deepwater pipelines are also dominated by the need to resist external pressure, particularly during installation. Additionally, high temperatures and high pressures present a spectrum of challenges for the pipe coatings. Increasingly stringent industry demands have driven the design of subsea export line coating toward its practical limits of manufacture and installation.

Export lines, sometimes referred to as pipelines or trunklines, fulfil the crucial function of transporting the production fluids to shore. Those pipelines are usually characterized by long spans, covering several miles, traversing challenging terrains and subjected to external loads from the marine environment (high hydrostatic pressure, and movements due to currents) as well as relatively high internal pressure. Those constraints make the pipeline design of those systems, considering the interaction of steel pipe and coating, complex.

Our concrete coating, provides a high-high quality and cost-effective solution to stabilize the pipeline on the sea bed, and provide mechanical protection against the roughest terrains. The internal coating solutions that we offer can facilitate the flow in case of gas transport, enabling you to optimize the design of the pipelines and minimize the number of expensive compressor stations.

Complemented by our high-performance field joint coating systems, pipe protection, transport and storage products, and welding inspections and engineering services, Shawcor delivers complete end-to-end solutions to protect the integrity of your export line.

Pipelines not only present technical challenges, they are also characterized by a complex value-chain from procurement of the pipes to installation. Shawcor plays a crucial role in your value chain supporting you worldwide with its outstanding project management and logistical optimization capabilities.

We are the world leader in providing coating solutions, with globally recognized experience in facility mobilization and execution of complex export line projects. Our innovative coating solutions and proven track record of more than 400,000 miles of installed pipelines is a synonym of reliability and outstanding performance in the most challenging technical and project management situations.

We have extensive experience in undertaking projects with technical complexity from our fixed coatings plants or mobilized sites. Our global network of coating facilities provide flexibility in the event of fast-changing project dynamics involving pipe source, capacity, availability and pipelay schedule.

With 20 permanent plant locations and a fleet of modular coating plants, we provide optimized logistics and enhanced local content requirements, important keys to success for our clients wherever they are operating. We have successfully executed major projects around the world. Among others, Dragon Cigma (2012); Chevron Wheatstone Upstream Mainline (2013); Shah Deniz II (2014) and Sur de Texas-Tuxpan (2016).

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