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Providing well-tested technology and applications with proven performance in the most challenging environments.

Insulation demands are increasing as subsea oil production moves to deeper and ever more demanding locations. Insulation system design has become much more robust in recent years, with a range of material alternatives. Models are well refined today, and investments in insulation can be made with a high degree of certainty in the results.

The challenge for new insulation products is to create cost-effective composite materials that can survive ever-increasing heat and pressure. The secondary concerns are processing and application. It is often necessary to apply insulation materials to pipe and equipment in the field, such as in a shipyard or a fabrication plant, and materials must be forgiving and easy to use.

With the broadest array of reliable HP/HT solutions the in industry, our well-tested technology and applications offer proven performance in the most adverse environments and extreme water depths. Shawcor’s highly-reliable plants and management systems can safely reduce non-productive time and mitigate risk, improving project economics and NPV.

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Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Discover Shawcor integrated services and advanced technologies being applied to the world’s largest projects in the most extreme and challenging environments. Lookup for any project by Geo-location, Capability, Technology and Service provided.

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