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Subsea Equipment Challenges

As deepwater projects become viable again, the importance of reliable flow assurance continues to be a major concern for operators and EPCs. Deepwater subsea environments pose uniquely challenging problems. Wax deposition along cold pipe walls and hydrate formation can easily lead to clogging and reduced flow. Stoppage points are difficult to locate, and not easily accessible once they are found. Even the least significant blockage can cause millions of dollars in potential remedial work.

Plugging is particularly troublesome for deepwater operators due to the lack of accessibility to subsea infrastructure and the use of smaller pigs increase the economic severity of plugging events. This makes it important to understand the practical likelihood and consequences of "fluid rheology." Simply, rheology is the science of non-ideal fluid behavior. “How is wax deposited?” “How does plug formation begin?” What are the flow rate consequences of partially blocked pipes?”

Shawcor Solutions

Shawcor understands the importance of flow assurance on your subsea equipment. Ensuring that hydrate plugs and wax build up do not form on key subsea equipment such as Xmas Trees, manifolds and jumpers, is essential. As the industry pushes the boundaries of field development, we strive to offer solutions that meet increasing demands such as high temperature high pressure (HTHP) field developments.

Shawcor has been developing and testing novel solutions for insulation of Subsea Production Systems (SPS) and Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (SURF) structures, which are suitable for service up to 180°C. XtremeTemp CC has been developed to address the industry’s need for a robust solution which exhibits excellent self-adhesion properties, flexibility and resistance to hot wet ageing at higher temperatures.

XtremeTemp CC is specifically designed to be applied to all subsea structures providing an extensively tested flow assurance solution for in-service conditions up to 180°C and unlimited water depth. The system is flexible enough to be applied to complex structures such as Xmas Trees, manifolds and Pipeline End Terminations (PLETs), but is also ideally suited for insulation of steel piping and fittings associated with jumpers and risers.

It sums to our already proven materials in this sector: Nemo 2.1, which is an epoxy modified system suitable for service temperatures of 125°C and Nemo 1.1, this product is an epoxy-urethane hybrid capable of hot wet service temperatures of 95°C.

Deploying market-leading capabilities to mutually ensure project and schedule certainty at every stage.

From the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and West Africa, to emerging areas of opportunity in India, the Mediterranean and Asia Pacific, Shawcor understands and supports the most challenging infrastructure installations. Our technologies are designed to provide reliability, flexibility and quality, while addressing the complexities of the subsea environment. Our coating systems cover a range of applications across varying pressure, temperature and water depth requirements.

Whatever your challenge, Shawcor can work with you on a custom, turnkey solution to attain and sustain the desired pipeline condition. Here are a few examples of how we are reducing uncertainty and increasing reliability in deep water projects.

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